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San Diego County Youth Athletics was established in 2017 to provide young athletes of all ages the opportunity to participate in organized sports year around.  San Diego County Youth Athletics has primarily operated in the spring season focusing on tackle football, flag, and cheer.  We are open to all ages 5-15 for our youth programs and now ages 15-18 for our High School programs. 

"Our mission is to establish sports programs for young athletes by providing training, guidance, and discipline to all participants as well as mentoring them in an atmosphere conducive to developing responsible future leaders in our communities."  

We are committed to teaching every young aspiring athlete not only the fundamentals of playing football at a competitive level, but how to be part of a team working together to achieve a common goal. 

We encourage volunteers who like to give back to their communities and help groom the next generation of leaders.  We accept all levels of athletic experience and no child will be turned away.  If you want to learn how to play the sports, we will help you become the best.  Come join us today and sign up now. 



San Diego County Youth Athletics (SDCYA) was established in 2017 with the goal of uniting the San Diego community and providing a safe, fair, and competitive sports league for all kids regardless of their current skill level.  Since the beginning SDCYA has received positive feedback from many players, parents, coaches, and family member about our service and commitment to the community and our youth. 

Our primary sports offering is youth football and cheer during the winter and spring season.  Programs are available for all ages 5-14 for youth flag and tackle as well as now for high school tackle football ages 15-19.  Our winter or springs seasons normally consist of a 6 week regular season schedule, where the top 4 teams advance and play one playoff game followed the next week with a championship game. 

There are various clubs/teams in the San Diego area and each respective club is managed solely by their president and individual board members independently of SDCYA.  SDCYA collectively organizes these different clubs/teams and provides them necessary resources to help them be successful.  Some of the resources that can be offered are practice fields upon request and players to help roster teams in their respective geographical area. 

To keep integrity and promote fair play between all, SDCYA solely validates and certifies all team staff & players before the start of the season as well as perform player check-ins before games.  SDCYA is committed to a safe and secure environment for our athletes and their families to allow everyone to enjoy a nice and family friendly atmosphere. 

When registering your athletes online, SDCYA will provide each athlete with secondary coverage insurance and will last throughout the season.  SDCYA is responsible for providing game schedules matchups, date, times, and locations along with providing referees for each game.  SDCYA is responsible for all of these expenses as this is only made possible through the athlete‚Äôs registration fees.

Each organization is encouraged to build their divisions through their own platforms, but SDCYA will do its best to help build teams as parents may inquiry about clubs/teams in their geographical location.  SDCYA is not responsible and will NOT provide any football equipment or game uniforms to any athlete at any time. 

Equipment is the sole responsibility of the club/team or the individual athlete to be provided in order to participate in game events organized by SDCYA.  Clubs/teams may offer equipment at an additional charge or not provide any at all, but players are encouraged to bring their own gear that is safe and certified.  Game uniform orders are also managed directly by the individual club that your athlete is part of. 

SDCYA is not involved in any matter with the purchase or delivery of these items and any issues that may occur with these orders must be dealt with directly with the clubs/teams president.  Any club fees, dues, extra uniform cost, pictures cost, or any this other than league registration that is collected outside the SDCYA.ORG website and by an individual club/team are not eligible for refund under the leagues REFUND POLICY

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact [email protected] or call 619-348-5959